exhibitions > Verses (collaborative 2015)

Bjornson Blandy Carter Collective: Verses

Initial Gallery
June 18 – July 18 2015

Early in 2014, we proposed an exhibition of “finished” works in conjunction with pieces recorded during production that may not appear in a “final” image. We recognized that moments occur as we work through our process that may be uniquely developed, fragmented and embellished. The results express past and present “verses’, and are intended to be experienced as separate, albeit related, pieces.

Verses is a continuation of our collective activity. This exhibition was preceded by solo exhibitions of our individual practices. Each show offered insight to the elements that are evident in the collective collaborations, often elusive but present nonetheless, leaving high-energy constructs with many fatalities and injuries. We work within shapes and textures that are only partly our own choice.

By this method we continue to carry on the silent dialogue, weaving together our individual observations, syntheses and responses to existence.

commentary by Alex Waterhouse-Hayward